Foundation 2° becomes „Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft” – German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy

Climate neutrality requires a fundamental transformation of almost all areas of society. The challenges for business and industry who have to implement this transformation under the conditions of global competitiveness are enormous. In order for the Paris climate goals to be met, nothing less than an industrial revolution is required, that must be implemented globally and successfully in less than 25 years. 

By renaming our foundation to “Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft” (Climate Economy Foundation), we want to send a clear signal that the debates about targets and ambitions have come to an end. We must start implementing now. The “Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft” wants to be a driver in the transformation towards climate neutrality. And our funding companies want to show that climate protection can be a successful business model. 

Because without the willingness to take responsibility, but also the innovative strength, problem-solving skills and implementation ability of the economy, the transformation will not succeed. It takes constructive contributions to the discussion, practical recommendations for action, integrated measures and much more speed. 

To this end, we want to forge transformation alliances for climate neutrality: between large, medium-sized, and small companies to initiate operationalizable solutions within the industries, along the value chains and across sectors. And between business, politics, science, and society in order to create the necessary political, legal and social framework. 

Ambitious climate protection and competitive economic activity must not be a contradiction in terms but must become the driver of an industrial and social modernization project that secures jobs, prosperity and our future in a sustainable and resilient manner. 

The economy must become a motor for the transformation to climate neutrality. It must become a KlimaWirtschaft.