About us

Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft is a non-profit foundation. Its immediate and exclusive purpose is to promote climate protection and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft was founded in 2011 as Foundation 2°, itself the successor organization to the Initiative 2° that was founded in 2007 in the run-up to the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm. The name was also its goal: to keep global warming well below 2°. At the time that was not only an ambitious target, but also by no means received wisdom in business circles.

Its founders and supporters share the conviction that entrepreneurs’ sense of responsibility and ingenuity play important roles in climate protection. We are an initiative of business leaders — managing directors, CEOs and board members — who are directly and actively committed to transforming the economy to make it climate neutral.

In its early days, therefore, Foundation 2° focused on putting the issue of climate protection on the agenda of the business community and rallying relevant companies from key sectors of the economy behind the Paris Climate Agreement goals. Foundation 2° very soon achieved its basic goals. In the process, it launched initiatives, carried out projects and injected critical momentum into public debate.

But now a new chapter in climate protection has begun. The next step is to operationalize climate protection on an industrial scale. This means that our foundation must move forward. The change of name from Foundation 2° to Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft sends a clear signal: the time to discuss targets has come and gone — now is the time for implementation! Our member companies and partners want to show that it is possible to combine ambitious climate protection with competitive business.