Our look back and forward before the New Year

Blog article, 19.12.2022

In a nutshell, 2022 was one thing above all: eventful. Multiple crises such as the Corona crisis, the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine and the resulting upheavals such as the energy crisis, have challenged us in achieving our national, European, and international climate and environmental protection goals.

For the German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy, the focus was therefore on understanding these challenges as opportunities to grow and finding ways to strengthen our resilience now and in the future. To do this, we need to build alliances internationally – from within a strengthened EU. After all, the war in Ukraine and its consequences have made it abundantly clear to us: A rapid shift away from fossil fuels and the advancement of innovative solutions for a faster transformation are essential. Many companies have taken bold steps in this direction, but they have also made it clear that in the medium and long term they are dependent on the support of forward-looking and courageous policymakers.

With our annual conference „Future model for the climate economy – our joint way out of the crisis“ we also aimed to strengthen the dialog between politics and business, and we were very pleased with the positive response. Moreover, we look back with gratitude on the cooperation with our partners, with whom we have realized numerous exciting and groundbreaking projects, studies, and events.

Here is a small excerpt of our highlights in 2022:

  • At the beginning of the year, we presented concrete policy recommendations and measures in our 10-point plan on how to accelerate the expansion of renewable energy and thus strengthen security of supply. The core statements have been discussed at a digital panel discussion held by the Foundation and the Federal Environment Agency with Robert Habeck and CEOs
    > The suspenseful summary „Climate protection despite crisis? Climate protection because of crisis!” – can be downloaded here.
  • – What are the biggest management challenges for companies on their way to climate neutrality? In June 2022, we conducted the study “From Attitude to Action. What companies can do now to decarbonize“ together with our partner Better Earth. We gave over 50 major companies from a wide range of sectors in Germany the opportunity to have their say.
    > Click here to find out what the companies told us.
  • The CEWI project, a joint project with WWF and the Wuppertal Institute, has brought together representatives from 42 companies of diverse sectors and sizes to test sector transformation according to Circular Economy principles in a practical way.
    > Learn more about the CEWI project here.
  • In order to make the industry, buildings and transport sectors more resilient and sustainable, the German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy has developed proposals for concrete measures in dialog with leading companies.
    > The publication of the German Immediate Climate Action Program was postponed until next year – so it’s still worth taking a look at our impulse paper.
  • Together with its funding companies, the German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy has significantly contributed to the climate policy discourse at the European and international level through public events and other impulses. During the French Presidency we organized a public event together with the French Embassy in Berlin to highlight the importance of an ambitious Franco-German cooperation for industrial transformation.
    > Have a look at the recording here.
  • In cooperation with the We Mean Business Coalition, Foundations 20, and other partners, we provided strong climate and economic policy impetus for the German G7 presidency, particularly in the areas of industrial decarbonization, green hydrogen and the just renewable energy transition.
    > More information about our G7 work can be found here and specifically on hydrogen here.
  • At COP27, we provided evidence and best practices of corporate climate action to strengthen the outcome of this important Africa COP. The German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy was accompanied by a suspenseful delegation of funding companies with whom we were able to show how companies are driving forward the transformation despite all the challenges. In exchanges with policymakers from the US, Canada, Namibia and Germany, we held roundtables and public panel discussions to discuss what concrete next steps are needed, particularly in the area of „decarbonizing industry“ in 2023.
    > More information about our work regarding to the COP can be found here.

The slogan „New Year. New action. New pace“ represents that the upcoming year comes with plenty new chances, taking into account what we need to do to make the economy a driver for the transformation to climate neutrality.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

wishes the team of Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft – German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy!