Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference 2022

Conference, 6 July - 8 July

The Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference 2022 is a three-day online coming together that seeks to further strengthen the climate and energy alliance between Germany, the United States, and Canada. This year’s conference will convene from Wednesday, 6 July through Friday, 8 July. It is organised by adelphi, Climate Advisers, E3G, Clean Energy Wire, Polis 180 & Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft, among others.

At the opening event of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference 2022, our CEO Sabine Nallinger will speak with Patrick Graichen, State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate and  Bob Berwyn, Europe-based reporter for Inside Climate News, about global climate science and climate policy, among other topic. The panel talk will reflect on the recently-concluded G7 Summit and break down its implications for climate policy cooperation across the Atlantic. What do the outcomes of the G7 summit mean for transatlantic climate policy development? How will  G7 outcomes impact COP 27 commitments? How important is robust transatlantic cooperation on climate goals such as achieving a net zero economy, and on the issue of energy security in an ever-changing geopolitical context? To what extent do the decisions made at international fora such as the G7 summit, EU parliament negotiations or global climate conferences, trickle down into all levels of transatlantic government and society? The event will kick off with introductory remarks from government representatives of the three TCB countries.

The three-day conference covers panel discussions and journalistic interviews to live podcast recordings and business roundtables. Its innovative formats will keep conversations fresh, informative, and leave plenty of room for interaction. The sessions are designed to provide a space for discourse and collaboration between national and sub-national actors, the private sector, civil society organizations, and youth change agents.


Conference Topics

This year’s conference will create opportunities for meaningful exchange on both the national and sub-national levels on topics like:

  • G7 Climate and Energy Outcomes
  • Industrial Decarbonization and Net Zero
  • Climate Clubs
  • Embedded Carbon
  • Global Shield Against Climate Risks
  • Indigenous Environmental Justice
  • Subnational Climate Policy