Indonesian-German Energy Transition Symposium

22.03.2022 - Virtual Indonesian-German Energy Transition Symposium

In the context of G7 and G20 in the year 2022 German and Indonesian Foundations have agreed upon a deeper cooperation in order to support climate action and higher ambitions on the global scale. The bridging function and the network of more than 70 foundations worldwide of the Foundations Platform F20 may help to enable mutual understanding and joint activities in the run up to the G7 Summit in Germany, the G20 Summit in October in Bali/Indonesia and up to COP 27 in Egypt in November.

With the Indonesian – German Energy Transition Symposium, the Foundations Platform F20 aims at comparing and matching different learning curves from Germany and Indonesia on the Just Energy Transition including questions such as CO2 pricing, phase out of coal and upscaling renewable energy in the context of G7 and G20.

Our collegue Till Kötter, Head of European and International Policy, will be sharing inputs and showcases how to be “Part Of The Solution”.

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