Against the Odds: Advancing a Just Climate Transition in Times of Crisis

Online High Level Event, 23.06.22

We invited you to the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Dialogue and F20 High-Level Event „Against the Odds: Advancing a Just Climate Transition in Times of Crisis“ on June 23 from 10am – 6:30 p.m. CEST/3pm WIB. The High-Level gathering took place 3 days prior to the G7 Summit under the German Presidency taking place at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria from June 26-28. The meeting of the seven economically strongest industrialised countries was more important than ever to promote multilateralism and global approaches to solutions in  the context of sustainable development.

Current estimates reveal that the emissions are not taking the right path of reduction but are actually increasing. Skyrocketing prices of oil and gas fuelled by Russia’s war on Ukraine and the international embargo on Russian energy commodities, coupled with Europe´s inability to diversify it sources of energy supply with renewables in the short run are further exposing Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels. The war in Ukraine has clearly highlighted the double challenge facing industrialised countries: upholding energy sovereignty while ramping up their efforts to advance their carbon transition and develop renewable energy sources.

Cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder cooperation is absolutely crucial to live up to that historic challenge that is nothing less than that of our planet´s survival. How do we ensure energy sovereignty without infringing on economic competitiveness, while doubling down on our efforts to reach the Paris Climate Goals within the next decades? How can we also push the energy discussion beyond the G7 lines, and build bridges between G7 and G20? Lastly, what further efforts can industrialised countries demonstrate to honour its commitments to developing countries with energy and climate partnerships and help them finance their own net-zero adaptation and transformation?

The discussions and debates during the event on June 23 on advancing a just energy transition brought together government officials, policymakers, business leaders, investors, and philanthropists from the G7 and G20 countries. For more information on the high-level speakers and main themes we intended to discuss in Munich prior to Elmau. You can have a look at the event agenda here. The event aimed to deliver innovative solutions and recommend them to the heads of state and government at the G7 Summit.