Our Aims

The most important aim of Foundation 2° – German Businesses for Climate Protection is in the name: to limit average global warming to well below two degrees Celsius.

The exclusive and immediate aim of the foundation is to promote climate protection and the sustainable use of natural resources and natural ecosystems.

We are working to support politicians in establishing free-market framework requirements for climate protection, and to activate German businesses to find solutions for climate protection.

Cross-Industry Platform for Active Collaboration: Foundation 2°

Foundation 2° is more than just an alliance between businesses. It is a platform for active collaboration in which businesses from different industries work together in a solution-oriented manner to find answers to questions of corporate climate protection.
Under the umbrella of a not-for-profit, independent foundation, the supporting businesses can work toward more open outcomes and on more complex issues of climate policy than would be possible in individual businesses. In addition, the supporting businesses consciously form a small and flexible group which can react quickly to political and economic trends and developments.

Foundation 2° spans various industries so that it can represent the economic context as comprehensively as possible. This ensures the participating businesses’ broad pool of knowledge and ideas is brought into the public dialog and collaborative projects.

Furthermore, the foundation works across sectors and is non-partisan; this orientation facilitates comprehensive and deep networking with all the relevant stakeholders: politics, businesses, science, and NGOs.

CEO Initiative: Climate Protection is a Top Priority

Another special characteristic of the foundation is the CEOs’ personal commitment to climate protection. The support from boards of directors ensures political impact as well as consistent implementation of objectives, activities and projects.

What We Do – in Concrete Terms

Everything we, the Foundation 2° team, do is guided by the foundation’s aim of actively promoting climate protection.

  • Foundation 2° supports climate policy projects in politics and administration but is also calling for reliable political framework requirements for the businesses that are pioneering climate protection.
  • The foundation acts as a “translation aid,” liaising between climate science and enterprise, and thereby contributing to a better mutual understanding.
  • The foundation is a “source of inspiration,” helping businesses within and beyond the support group through examples of best practice and the exchange of ideas on the development of innovative approaches to low-carbon economies.