Corporate Climate Protection

Enterprise has a key role to play in implementing the objectives of climate protection and thereby limiting the increase in the global temperature to below two degrees Celsius.

Businesses are innovative actors; they can identify and utilize market opportunities. Foundation 2° recognizes this potential for climate protection and sees itself as a platform for active collaboration between businesses from different industries. By promoting climate protection through cross-industry collaboration, individual businesses can make a contribution toward meeting the most ambitious targets of the German climate policy.

Corporate Climate Protection Targets the Core Business and Needs Reliable Framework Requirements

Corporate climate protection comprises the measures taken by businesses to reduce emissions both at their business location and within the upstream and downstream value creation chain both nationally and internationally. To this end, businesses today are developing verifiable strategies with ambitious climate protection targets within their industry-specific framework. The core business, with its products and services, is key here. Corporate climate protection contributes to competitive advantage and minimizes risks to businesses.

However, corporate climate protection also needs the appropriate framework requirements in order to be taken forward successfully by as many businesses as possible. The political framework requirements for corporate climate protection are set out in national and European standards. The focus here is on particular sectors; political standards are also being developed for other sectors. The businesses affiliated to Foundation 2° are involved constructively in this process.